I have never been more exited about a just announced camera than about the new Fuji X-T2. And finally, I got mine this week. You can read the best review on it by Rico Pfistinger on fujifumors.com or read all reviews. Here are just my two cents why this camera stands out and is so worth the upgrade: Image quality is great, built quality is great, operation is great. I love the joy-stick, the new clickier buttons and the lock/unlock mechanisms for the ISO and shutter speed dials. Video left a good first impression as well. But the real deal for me, and the number one reason why I wanted this camera on the day it came out, is it’s speed. Not in terms of max. frames per second – the X-T1 didn’t disappoint in that regard – but the improved shot-to-shot time and the reduced blackout time. It is a vast improvement! It feels as quick and responsive as the Nikon D700 I left behind when switching to Fujifilm entirely. You press the shutter, it snaps away and in the same moment, the viewfinder is displaying your subject again. You can immediately shoot again, and again, and again. The focus and exposure settings are stored as long as you keep the shutter-release half pressed.  It’s just as it always should have been. (Thank’s Fuji) The annoying 3/10 seconds of darkness after taking a picture on a X-T1? Gone. The frustrating half second of unresponsiveness after taking a picture? Gone.

I can honestly say, that this camera, my Fuji X-T2, is the best camera I’ve ever owned and one with no compromises involved.

Here are some photos from our small vineyard, all taken with the joy of the new Fuji X-T2:

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